Thank you very much for visiting Alishan Diamond. We are very concern about privacy of every precious customer. In order to protect your personal information, we would provide information about our privacy policies below. The reason for asking for customer’s personal information is that Alishan Diamond wants to help customers to track on their diamonds and eliminate the mistakes that would happen. All your personal information would not be told to third party and your personal information would not only be owned by a single part of Alishan Diamond to protect your personal information.

1. Our privacy policy protects:

  • Includes the personal information that you have to enter on our website wouldn’t be used on other use in our company. However, the privacy policy is not responsible for the links from outside sources and employees are not excluded from the privacy policy.


2. Ways to use your information:

  • In order to serve you and know answer your questions as soon as possible, we need your information in the following situation:
  1. Applying for membership on our website
  2. Asking for information from our customer’s service, either the service costs or not.
  3. Enrolling events on our website


3. Data protection

  • The main reason for gathering customer’s personal information is to serve you better by either inform the newest technology to you or to know your needs. There would be a possibility that Imprint diamond would use your information for improving our products, service, or website. Furthermore, Imprint diamond would not give your data to a third party unless customers have agreed to do so.


4. Data with third party policy

  • I. Imprint diamond would not offer, trade, rent, or sell your personal information to any person, group, enterprise, or any official business. Operations such as law basis or contractual obligations are not limited under this limit.
  • II. The circumstances of the preceding paragraph do not include
  1. Written consent in person
  2. To avoid the danger of your life, your body, your liberty, or your property.
  3. Your behavior on our website violates our terms of service or damages other person’s right, Imprint diamond would have to gather your information in order to seek legal avenues.
  4. When judicial units asked for a specific person’s information for public’s safety, Imprint diamond would do as legal.


5. Cookie Usage

  • For your best experience, Imprint diamond would ask for usage of cookie on your explorer. You could limit or cancel the function if you felt disturbed by functions brought by cookie.


6. Fixing of Private Policy

  • Because of the boom of technology, laws on internet are not complete yet. Imprint diamond would fix our privacy policy whenever needed in order to provide a better experience for customers. After we finished fixing, we would post it immediately on our website.